WellLife Athlete Performance (WLAP) is for you if you or your team if you need:

To improve basic fitness for ultimate Frisbee

  • Increase strength and endurance for longer points
  • Improve running form, speed, and learn basic agility
  • Improve flexibility and recovery, and reduce risk of injury
  • Learn basic technique for gym exercises (e.g. squat, press, deadlift)

To go beyond fitness to improve performance (ultimate-specific)

  • Learn Olympic Lifting technique and exercises for ultimate
  • Master power exercises like cleans and jumps
  • Increase explosiveness for jumping and laying out
  • Master cutting technique, footwork, and agility  

How It Works

Depending on you or your team's goals and budget, we will choose the right package for you. Katy offers a FREE consultation with each team to promote safe and effective training for ultimate and explain the services offered. For personalized sessions, choose from weekly workouts, nutrition, or a mix of both. 


  • Are customized for the youth, college, club, and for males and females
  • Include comprehensive Day 1 and Day 2 workouts for improved strength, speed, agility, and conditioning
  • Are designed based on a sport and movement analysis of ultimate Frisbee
  • Include weekly sessions for individuals, partners, and small groups - 30, 60, or 90 minutes
  • Include weekly workouts for teams - yearly, season, or monthly plans

FREE ASSESSMENTS! All athlete packages include free assessments of timed 40, 100, agility T-test, broad jump, and 150 OR 300-yard shuttle run every 12 weeks as desired.

WellLife Athlete Performance: Training Options

Private and Small Group Training

Private and Small Group Training is for you if:

  • You are on a limited budget and schedule and want to maximize your training for the time you put in
  • You are prone to injury and need to improve nutrition and recovery
  • You are a youth player or have limited experience in a gym or with agility training and would benefit from personalized instruction
  • You are a college player or have some training experience but want to refine sport-specific exercise technique
  • You are a club player or have experience working out but want to train specifically for peak performance in ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee TEAM Workout Plans

TEAM Workout Plans will work for you if:

  • Players want to train for performance in ultimate Frisbee
  • Your team is preparing for a season of competition (e.g. college or club)
  • Players want to avoid injury with a program that addresses both strength and flexibility
  • Players are already strong but want to take training to the next level
  • Your team wants to increase power and improve ultimate-specific cutting and exercise technique

Athlete Nutrition Plans

Athlete Nutrition Plans are available if you:

  • You feel like workouts are making you more tired and need to improve nutrition and recovery
  • You have limited options for food or are on a tight budget
  • You feel drained or weak during or after workouts
  • You have high stress or an inflammatory health condition
  • You are interested in trying vegan, vegetarian, or other anti-inflammatory diets to improve performance
*All in-person nutrition consultations for athletes are at ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance in Durham, NC.

Promotional Rates Available:

Participants and teams may receive up to 60% off services for your investment in WellLife. In return for this rate, WellLife requests 1) a google review, 2) a written and/or video testimonial, and 3) feedback on what you liked and did not like following the completion of the program so I can improve the service.

I used to struggle with training because I didn’t have a team to regularly practice with. From Katy at WellLife, I’ve learned good form, injury prevention, and how to train effectively on my own. The benefits of training weren’t just physical. It also gave me the confidence I needed to try out and make the U20 National Japanese team this year.
— Karen Erhardt – U20 Japanese Nationals Team, 2016