Athlete Performance Plan

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Athlete Performance Plan

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Reach peak performance in ultimate Frisbee with a personalized nutrition and ultimate-specific workout plan customized to you. This option includes a FREE plan explanation session, 60-minute fitness assessment, and personalized core and flexibility routine. Workouts can be customized to your schedule, space, equipment, and past injuries or flexibility. This plan is great for you if:

  • You have past injuries or limitations based on space and equipment

  • You are looking for to peak at multiple times for your competition schedule (e.g. you are a college player but also play or want to play the AUDL or Club season)

  • You want a nutrition component to help you reach weight or strength goals

Workouts include Post-season, Off-season, Pre-Season, and In-season phases. Each week includes a suggested schedule, instructions, and a Day 1 and Day 2 workout with descriptions, videos, and modifications. Nutrition plan includes daily macros calculation, personalized recommendations and menu plan, and smoothie recipes for athletes.

$65 Full Year Plan (4, 12-week phases)

Option 1: $125 - Full Year Plan (4, 12-week phases) - Ultimate-specific training programs for the whole year, including general fitness & conditioning, muscular endurance, maximum strength, power, speed, & agility components

Option 2: $79 - 6 Month Plan (2, 12-week phases) - Ultimate-specific training plans for 6 months, including muscular endurance and conditioning, maximum strength, power, speed, & agility components for Pre-Season and In-Season.

Option 3: $45 - Single Season Plan - Ultimate-specific season-based training on a month-to-month basis (e.g. Post-Season, Off-Season, Pre-Season, OR Off-Season) to achieve monthly goals

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