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Be the Best Athlete You Can Be!

Customized, sport-specific workout plans and coaching sessions for peak performance. 

Why Choose a WellLife Athlete Performance Plan?

  • Improved performance in your sport
  • Jump higher, improve strength, run faster, and have more endurance on the field
  • Increased muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility, and achievement of weight goals (gain, maintain, or lose weight)
  • Decreased risk of injury and pain with exercise
  • More energy and a plan to help that works for your age, goals, and fitness level
  • Maintain a healthy weight, gain muscle, or lose excess body fat that may be slowing you down

Athlete Performance Plans & Sessions are comprehensive and sport-specific, designed based on your preferences, needs, schedule, and limitations. Plans are fun but structured, and will help you improve your performance without getting injured. All plans & sessions will improve performance and reduce risk of injury by identifying and addressing weaknesses, encouraging correct technique, and using phased exercise & workout progressions.  

Athlete Performance Packages

  • Intake & Follow up Assessments with WellLife Coach:
    • Postural and Movement, Basic Fitness Assessment
    • Personalized Stretching and Core Strengthening Routine
    • Vertical, horizontal power, agility, strength, sprint, and conditioning testing
  • Customized Athlete Plan delivered electronically:
    • Personalized nutrition & workout recommendations for athletes
    • Example schedule, workout and exercise descriptions with videos
    • Exercise order, sets, and reps
    • Basic Daily Nutrient Recommendations:
      • Sources and amounts for basic food groups
      • Foods to avoid, and how to choose quality sources
      • Vitamins and supplement information & suggestions
    • Plan Explanation provided by Katy
    • 6 weekly emails to keep you motivated and on track

Athlete Workout & Nutrition Plan Only, 6 Weeks (Online Only)

  • (1) Additional Follow-up session at 3 weeks (30 minutes)
  • Additional email check-in at 6 weeks


Athlete Workout & Nutrition Plan & Assessment, 6 Weeks (In-Person Only)

  • Customized Core & Flexibility Routine for injury prevention
  • (1) Additional Follow-up session at 12 weeks


Athlete Weight Loss Plan & Sessions, 6 Weeks

  • Includes all aspects of Athlete Weight Loss Plan & Sessions,
  • (6) Weekly Athlete Nutrition & Workouts Sessions (30 minutes)
  • (1) Additional maintenance after 12 weeks (20 minutes)


A La Carte Services

Workout Sessions – $30
Weight Loss Sessions – $35
Workout Plan – $65

Nutrition Plans Only

All Plans Include:

Sources and Amounts for Protein, Carbohydrates, & Good Fat
Personalized Recommendations, Schedule, & Checklist
Example One-day Menu Plan & Grocery List
Foods to Avoid, and How to Choose Quality Sources
Vitamins and Supplement Information & Suggestions
Smoothie Recipes, Snack Ideas & Restaurant Guide
20-minute Plan Explanation in person, by phone, or online

Athlete Weight Maintenance

Also Includes:

  • Plan & Weekly Emails for (6) weeks
  • Plan Explanation (20 minutes)
  • (1) Follow-up session after 3 weeks (20 minutes)
  • Follow-up email after (6) weeks


Athlete Weight Loss

Also Includes:

  • Plan & Weekly Emails for (6) weeks
  • Plan Explanation (20 minutes)
  • (1) Follow-up Session after 3 weeks (20 minutes)
  • (1) Additional Sessions after 6 weeks (20 minutes)
  • Follow-up email (12) weeks


More Details

*Assessments includes:

  • Postural and Movement, Basic Fitness Assessment
  • Personalized Stretching and Core Strengthening Routine
  • Vertical, horizontal power, agility, strength, sprint, and conditioning testing

Additional coaching sessions can be purchased a la carte once you are enrolled in a plan:

  • Individual Athlete training sessions: $25/30 minutes
  • Partner Athlete training sessions: $25/person/60 minutes
  • Sessions can be purchased by session, monthly, or in packages

**Athletic Performance Sessions

  • Customized to Improve exercise technique for improved health, fitness and/or performance
  • Flexibility & corrective exercise routine
  • Learning and mastering basic exercise technique such as squat, press, pull, lunge, and abdominal exercises
  • Introduction and mastering of sport-specific exercises for athletes such as the clean and jerk, snatch, and speed, agility, and jump training

If any athlete has an injury or other health condition, they may also need to see a physician, nutritionist, physical therapist or other professional.  


“I used to struggle with training because I didn’t have a team to regularly practice with. From Katy at WellLife, I’ve learned good form, injury prevention, and how to train effectively on my own. The benefits of training weren’t just physical. It also gave me the confidence I needed to try out and make the U20 National Japanese team this year.”

Karen Erhardt – U20 Japanese Nationals Team, 2016

“As an athlete struggling with inconsistent performance, my training regimen has lacked consistency and focus until I started working with Katy Harris at WellLife Consulting. Within a few short weeks of following her guidance, I started to see strength imbalances and mobility limits disappear. My athleticism had been sitting on a frustrating plateau for over a year, but training with Katy has been the jumpstart that I’ve needed to start seeing improvements in stability, endurance, speed, and power.”

Dean Culver – PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Duke University & NC Turbine Ultimate

“Working with Katy has helped my son make significant improvements in his agility, strength, speed, and power. Following the personalized training schedule that Katy created has enabled him to reach his goal of becoming a better athlete and Ultimate player.”

Joshua J. Alexander, MD, FAAP, FAAPMR, Director, Pediatric Rehabilitation, UNC School of Medicine

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