Comprehensive, evidence-based ultimate team workout plans for peak performance. 


Why Choose A WellLife TEAM PLan?

  • Customized for each team based on the athletes’ and team goals, current fitness status, and age

  • Specific to the level of players and the team for exercise choice and exercise order, sets and reps, and work to rest ratios

  • Help athletes build a foundation of proper technique and strength before advancing exercises to achieve peak performance.


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 1. Single Season or Full Year Workout Plan

  • Three weekly workouts per week designed to go beyond fitness to peak performance in ultimate Frisbee
  • Train strength and conditioning, power, and speed and agility, and endurance for long points
  • Progress workouts with injury prevention and core strengthening components

 2. TEAM Clinics

  • Instruction and demonstration of exercises
  • Review sport-specific exercises and rationale
  • Handouts and visual aids

 3. Athlete Fitness Testing

  • Determine athlete needs
  • Outline performance improvement goals
  • Data analysis to determine areas to improve and specific plan to achieve team goals

 4. Athlete Postural and Basic Movement Assessment

  • Stretches, strengthening exercises to improve performance and reduce injury