Customized, ultimate-specific workout plans and coaching sessions for peak performance. 

Why Choose a WellLife Athlete Performance Plan?

WellLife designs comprehensive, evidence-based athletic performance plans that go beyond fitness for ultimate to peak performance in ultimate Frisbee. As a Strength Coach from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, she is certified to train teams of athletes as well as individuals. With an additional Olympic Lifting coach certification, she can teach the power clean and jerk, snatch, and other proven sport-specific exercises and flexibility techniques safely and effectively. Together with her knowledge of nutrition, she can help you get to the next level. 

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Plans include workout and nutrition recommendations and progress by season and by age, gender, and experience. Plans are:

  • Fun, structured, and personalized for each athlete
  • Tailored to athletes of any age, including youth ages 13-18, college, club, and professional levels
  • Sport-specific training to improve and performance and lower risk of injury

Plans & Sessions

Monthly memberships, personalized sessions, plans, & packages


Online plans for a full year or single season, athlete testing & monitoring

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60 minute or 90 minute clinics, packages, & FREE introductory clinics

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Team History

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Katy has worked with teams from the professional to middle school level. Add your name to the list of high-performing Teams!

  • Raleigh Flyers (NC men's professional '17)
  • Charlotte Express (NC men's professional '15,'16)
  • Turbine (NC men's club '14-current)
  • Duke Brimstone (NC men's college '16-current)
  • School of Science and Math (NC high school girls '15-current)
  • Wildfire (CA women's club '17)
  • Emerson Waldorf Middle School (NC middle school '14-current)
  • Pluff Mudd Panic (SC co-ed '13)
  • Phoenix (NC women's club '09-'12')
  • Backhoe (NC women's club '07-'09)



I used to struggle with training because I didn’t have a team to regularly practice with. From Katy at WellLife, I’ve learned good form, injury prevention, and how to train effectively on my own. The benefits of training weren’t just physical. It also gave me the confidence I needed to try out and make the U20 National Japanese team this year.
— Karen Erhardt – U20 Japanese Nationals Team, 2016
As an athlete struggling with inconsistent performance, my training regimen has lacked consistency and focus until I started working with Katy Harris at WellLife Consulting. Within a few short weeks of following her guidance, I started to see strength imbalances and mobility limits disappear. Training with Katy has been the jumpstart that I’ve needed to start seeing improvements in stability, endurance, speed, and power.
— Dean Culver – PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Duke University & NC Turbine Ultimate