An innovative and comprehensive program for sustainable employee health.

The rising costs of healthcare and rates of preventable chronic disease make addressing health concerns at the workplace a worthwhile investment for employers. WellLife offers group classes as well as services to individuals, giving small and mid-size business an advantage over the competition.

The WellLife Corporate Wellness program is held on company grounds for twelve weekly sessions to improve employee health and morale and reduce injury and absenteeism. Evidenced-based curriculum provides education and personalized plans improve health indicators including blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and offer a long-term solution to achieving weight and exercise goals.


Why Corporate Wellness?

Many studies show improving employee wellness saves companies $3 for every $1 spent. This reduction is due to decreases in direct healthcare costs, reduced injury and absenteeism, and health insurance premiums, all realized within 3 years.  

  • Participating in a wellness program has been shown to significantly lower inpatient costs up to 36%, avoid hospitalization, and need fewer days of hospital care (6).  
  • Companies save money on prescription drug costs, doctor visit costs, improving life expectancy, and work years (8). Recent studies show a median savings of 3.14 = 3:1 ROI, a 28.3% reduction in sick leave, a 26.1 % reduction in medical costs (9).  
  • Data from Motorola workers who regularly used onsite wellness centers or an alternate fitness center showed a savings of $3.93 for every $1 spent, and resulted in a savings of $6.5 million dollars in lifestyle-related medical expenses (7).
  • Other examples include Bryant University (Rhode Island) wellness program, which saves them $1500 on healthcare costs per year, and Principle Financial (DesMoine), which saves employees $10-15 on each bi-weekly paycheck for a total of $390 in savings per year (8).

Benefits to employer:

  • Reduced direct medical costs,
  • Reduced hospitalizations,
  • Reduced prescription drug costs
  • Reduced injury,
  • Individualized, company cost-benefit analysis,
  • Reduced absenteeism,
  • Increased morale,
  • Increased loyalty,
  • Recognition as a forward-thinking organization with an investment in its employees.

 Benefits to employee:

  • Improve health profile (lipids, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Decreases in copays and prescription drug costs,
  • Decrease weight, body composition
  • Decrease stress, illness, and injury
  • Increase stamina, physical fitness
  • Increase well-being, self-esteem
  • Increase mental awareness and acuity
  • Increase self-efficacy/personal control
  • Decrease time away from work and family
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Why Choose WellLife?

WellLife Consulting provides a weekly on-site Employee Wellness program that offers many of the components known to improve employee health and reduce health care costs and health insurance premiums.

  • Concise program: 12-week worksite wellness educational and behavior change program delivered once per week for 45 minutes (15 maximum participants)
  • Expertise: 15 years of experience in health, fitness, and medical weight loss
  • Options: The program is offered in two versions, introductory (12 weeks), or advanced (12 weeks); employees or the business can choose the program that is right for them
  • Results: Clients can expect an average of 5-20 pounds weight loss, depending on starting weight
  • Resources: Participants complete and retain their personal WellLife Handbook for long-term habit change and health

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