An innovative and comprehensive program for sustainable employee health.

This program is for your company if:

  • You are invested in your employees and improving morale, health, and productivity

  • You are a small to mid-size business of 5-500 employees and interested in reducing healthcare costs to save on your bottom line

  • Your employees are looking to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve strength

  • Your employees are interested in establishing healthy habits for a foundation of life-long health

  • Your company is interested in competing with other small businesses investing in employee wellness programs and seeing results

Program Details

At a free consultation scheduled at your convenience, Katy will go over the options that will work best for your company. Services provided include a 12-week nutrition and healthy lifestyle education program delivered on-site in group format, with individual nutrition and workout counseling, or as a self-paced program. Katy is also available for on-site training, nutrition consultations, and monthly or quarterly lunch-n-learns.

  • Complimentary Consultation to determine your company’s needs

  • Comprehensive Company Assessment to design customized wellness package

  • Safe and Effective Programming – 12-week personalized nutrition and workout plan for each participating employee

  • Flexible and Professional Delivery – employees choose from a self-paced, individual, or group version, delivered online with company login

  • Convenient Location – all sessions held once per week on site

  • Professional Instruction – one 60-minute session per week with master trainer to address nutrition and exercise for long-term nutrition and fitness goals

  • Health Assessment Testing – resting heart rate, blood pressure, and basic fitness

  • Health Coaching & Support – weekly summary email with menu plans, workouts, and healthy living tips

  • Weekly Email and Phone Support – office hours to address questions or concerns


WellLife offers 12-Week On-Site Programming for:

  • Self-paced individuals

  • Private sessions for individuals

  • Group sessions once per week (45 minutes each)

WellLife also offers:

  • Private and small group training

  • Group fitness classes

  • Weekly or monthly lunch & learns