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Many studies show improving employee wellness saves companies $3 for every $1 spent.

Participating in a wellness program has been shown to significantly lower inpatient costs over 35%, avoid hospitalization, and reduce days of hospital care.

Companies save money on prescription drug costs, doctor visit costs, improving life expectancy, and work years.

Studies show a 28.3% reduction in sick leave and a 26.1 % reduction in medical costs due to decreases in direct healthcare costs, reduced injury and absenteeism, and health insurance premiums.


Benefits to employee

Improve health profile (weight, lipids, cholesterol, blood pressure)

Decreases in copays and prescription drug costs

Decrease weight, body composition

Decrease stress, illness, and injury

Increase stamina, physical fitness

Increase well-being, self-esteem

Increase mental awareness and acuity

Increase self-efficacy/personal control

Decrease time away from work and family


Benefits to employer:

Reduced direct medical costs

Reduced hospitalizations

Reduced prescription drug costs

Reduced injury

Individualized, company cost-benefit analysis

Reduced absenteeism

Increased morale

Increased loyalty

Recognition as a forward-thinking organization with an investment in its employees

How It Works

Our Process

WellLife Consulting offers on-site Employee Wellness programming with components known to improve employee health and reduce health care costs and insurance premiums.

  • Complimentary Consultation to determine your company’s needs

  • Comprehensive Company Assessment to design customized wellness package

  • FREE On-site Information Session for employees

  • Safe and Effective Programming customized for each participant

  • Credentialed Professionals with over 15 years’ experience in health and wellness industry

Program Details

What To Expect


At a free consultation scheduled at your convenience, Katy will listen to your needs and work with you to determine the best products and services for your company.

WellLife programs take a comprehensive approach to long-term employee health, addressing nutrition and exercise habits, motivation, and goal-setting.

WellLife offers On-Site Programming for

  • Private sessions and group sessions once per week

  • Private and small group training

  • Group fitness classes

WellLife also offers

  • 12-Week Self-paced wellness plan for individuals

  • Weekly or monthly lunch & learns

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Katy has advised, taught, and guided me through my weight loss journey. She is terrific. I have learned how to eat healthy and the pounds keep falling off through good nutrition. Katy is so knowledgeable and gentle with her guidance. You can’t go wrong with Katy.”

Judy, age 65 / Wellness Client

My pre-diabetes has made it very difficult for me to lose weight. But under Katy’s guidance we’ve adjusted my diet to reduce inflammation, I’m now losing weight almost every day! I have more energy, I’m more flexible and even my brain works better!”

Perry, age 56 / Wellness Client