FREE Raleigh Flyers & Radiance Nutrition Clinic

When: TBD
Where: The Frontier, 800 Park Offices Dr, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Sponsored by WellLife Consulting, LLC, this clinic is specially designed for you as an elite athlete to help you reach the next level and outperform the competition.

There will be a short group presentation and interactive activity (with free food and product samples!) that covers basic nutrition concepts for a healthy, balanced diet for elite athletes, as well as some of the common trends and tools we can use to track progress. 

The clinic also includes:

  • Pre-Game, In-Game, & Post-Game recommendations for the long AUDL season.
  • Techniques to decrease inflammation and increase recovery for practices and games.
  • Access to extensive WellLife gluten-free, dairy-free and smoothie recipes.
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