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Welcome to WellLife Consulting!

Comprehensive, individualized coaching sessions designed to help individuals achieve their athletic performance and/or health and weight goals.

WellLife Wellness has customized plans for everyone!

All sessions are customized based on the individual’s preferences, needs, schedule, and limitations. Client workouts and weight loss sessions are based on goals, current weight or fitness level, past injuries, and years of experience with exercise and training. All plans may be modified for ages 12-75 and customized to each age group. Clients with significant health or physical limitations are referred to a qualified specialist, such as a physician, nutritionist, or physical therapist.

Katy Harris,

WellLife Founder & Owner

I’m glad that you’re here!  I hope you find everything you are looking for, and please feel free to contact me any time for additional information.

WellLife Session Benefits

  • Increase metabolism, fitness, energy, flexibility, and overall health
  • Lose body fat, increase muscle tone, and decrease your risk of injury
  • Less pain with exercise, improved muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility, and achievement of weight goals (gain, maintain, or lose weight)
  • Improvements in health, reduced your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer
  • Education on a life-long healthy lifestyle change instead of a fad diet or workout program

WellLife Sessions
All clients who have filled out the WellLife Interest Form are eligible to purchase private sessions, 50 minutes each. Look for Partner and Small Group Session Pricing Options this Summer!

Individual Sessions
Wellness and weight loss sessions are focused on weekly check-in about goals and flexibility and/or core and basic strength coaching.  Athlete and workout sessions are focused on flexibility, strength and/or speed, agility, and stability.

Athlete/Workout Sessions 

Wellness and Weight Loss Sessions

  • Weekly check-in, weight and circumference measurements, and counseling.
  • Flexibility and muscle range of motion with light stretching, massage, or SMR (Self Myofascial Release), as well as proper breathing, postural correction, and core re-training.