Sport-specific sessions and workout plans for ultimate athletes


Why Choose WellLife?

Katy cares about your development as a complete and healthy athlete.  She specializes in proper technique and injury prevention for athletes and has spent over 10 years refining ultimate-specific strength and conditioning, power and jumping, and speed and agility programs. All the exercises chosen for your workouts are based on a sport, movement, and physiological analysis of ultimate Frisbee. Programs help clients of all levels and ages include the right exercises and in the right order to help you go beyond fitness to better performance on field.



  • Personalized daily workout plan with exercise descriptions, instructions, and videos

  • Options for a gym, some equipment, and no equipment

  • Train strength, power, agility, and conditioning specifically for ultimate

InDIVIDUAL WOrkout OPTIONs, including:

  • Fitness, Power and Conditioning Workouts

  • On-the-go workouts

  • Full gym workout for maximum performance

Katy offers online plans, in-person sessions, and monthly memberships for athletes of all ages.


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