WellLife nutrition and workout counseling will work for you if:


Weight Loss for Medical Reasons

  • You are looking to lose weight due to medical reasons, avoid medications, or increase fertility
  • You have been diagnosed in the past or are being treated for a mental condition related to food and/or weight
  • You have a medical condition related to chronic inflammation

Lifestyle Change

  • You are looking for long-term lifestyle change and a holistic approach to a maintaining a healthy weight
  • You have been unsuccessful with diets such as weight watchers, paleo, or physician-assisted weight loss

  • You are looking to learn healthy habits for a foundation of life-long health



Prevention and Stress Reduction

  • You want to reduce stress and avoid energy slumps throughout the day
  • You are looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle as you age

  • You want to avoid weight loss surgery, pills, hormones or supplements


How It Works

To address your goals, each client starts with a FREE initial consultation. Depending on the support you need, Katy will help choose the right package for you based on your budget and goals. 


WellLife Offers:

  • Monthly private or partner sessions
  • Monthly in-home private or partner sessions
  • Monthly online plan only
    • Private or partner nutrition and workout counseling (30, 60, or 90 minutes per week)
    • Workout, nutrition, and combination packages (30, 60, or 90 minutes per week)

*Contact Katy for an initial consult and pricing for monthly packages

I give most of the credit to Katy’s workout programs and health counseling for saving my life when I was struck suddenly with spinal meningitis in 2014. The doctors continued to tell me if I had not been as strong and fit as I was I may not have survived. The kind of guidance Katy provided helped me be strong and functional in a way that goes beyond fitness, to whole body health education and prevention.
— Al Jones – Vice President of Wealth Management, Coastal Federal Credit Union