Ultimate-Frisbee Specific Strength & Conditioning



Gym Sessions - ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance, 4221 Garrett Rd., Durham

Field Sessions - Old Chapel Hill Road Park, 3751 Southwest Durham Dr., Durham

JOIN US for the WellLife ultimate-specific summer programs for 2018!

This 3-week performance program with gym and field workouts will help jump start your training or get you to the next level. The design of these specialized programs is based on the most frequent motions and fitness demands of our sport. By combining weight room exercises with running form and agility techniques, each athlete will master the skills needed to go beyond fitness to improved performance on the field. Each athlete will also receive individualized feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

All youth sessions are in July, and adult sessions are in August. All programs are 2 days per week for 1 hour. Sign up below!


WHEN: Tuesdays/Thursday @ 7:30am 

DATES: Tuesday - July 10th           Thursday - July 12th

            Tuesday - July 17th           Thursday - July 19th

            Tuesday - July 24th           Thursday - July 26th


WHEN: Monday/Thursday @ 6:30pm

DATES: Monday - August 6th       Thursday - August 9th

            Monday - August 13th      Thursday - August 16th

            Monday - August 20th      Thursday - August 23rd

Sessions are specifically designed for improving performance for ultimate Frisbee players. Each week will alternate gym and field sessions. Gym sessions will include a brief fitness assessment and help each athlete establish basic lifting technique.  Field sessions include speed and running form exercises, agility, agility ladders, and reaction time drills. Each athlete will be tested and re-test at the beginning and end of the program to measure progress!

Program Costs /person:

$150 - Attend all 6 sessions 

$65 - Single week (2 sessions)

$35 - Single session


Choose a package that best meets your needs from the list above. Feel free to drop in for additional sessions at the $35 rate. Gym sessions are held at ActivEdge in Durham. Field sessions are held at Old Chapel Hill Road Park just down the road from ActivEdge. Costs listed cover all sessions, equipment, and material. A waiver is required. Contact Katy by email at 'welllifewellness@gmail.com', or call 919.423.2005 with questions.

Register below, and Katy will be in touch with a welcome email. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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