Ultimate-Specific Individual Athlete Workout Plans

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Ultimate-Specific Individual Athlete Workout Plans

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Reach peak performance in ultimate Frisbee with yearly or monthly training plans specific to your level and gender. These plans include a Gym workout plan with Field speed and agility workouts designed specifically for ultimate. Plans come with general nutrition and flexibility recommendations. These plans would be great for you if:

  • You are an individual player and want an ultimate-specific plan for your age, gender, and level

  • You want a phased workout plan with multiple peak and recovery periods

  • You want want to improve strength, endurance, power, speed, and agility specifically for ultimate

Phased plans include Post-season, Off-season, Pre-Season, and In-season workouts. Plans also include Ultimate-specific workouts for the In-Season push athletes at the top levels for the demands of the Club and Pro seasons.

Option 1: $99 - Full Year Plan (4, 12-week phases)

Option 2: $65 - 6 Month Plan (2, 12-week phases)

Option 3: $12 /month - Pay by Monthly subscription

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