Ultimate-Specific Training and Plans

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Private and Small Group Training

Private and Small Group Training is for you if:


·         You want to train specifically for ultimate Frisbee

·         You want to improve basic fitness, strength, endurance, speed, and agility

·         You want personalized feedback and the accountability of meeting a group or trainer

How it Works:

·         Choose a time for your workouts with your trainer and partner(s)

·         If you are a NEW client, fill out the online Questionnaire and schedule your FREE assessment

·         OFF Major Holiday* weeks

*Includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Easter, Labor Day


·       WellLife serves individuals for 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions at ActivEdge or at the location of your choice.

Group sessions



  • You will receive an email each week to confirm your participation

  • Workouts will be written each week and made up if missed

  • Payment received before or during session

Ultimate Frisbee TEAM Workout Plans

  • Package pricing

    • $899 full year workout plan only

    • $699 for 6 month plan

    • $349 single season (35 players minimum, no cost for additional players)

    • Single Season Workout Plan only

      • 5-10 players - $15 per player

      • 10-20 players - $10 per player

      • 21-35 players - $8 per player

    • Include (3) Clinics – additional $249