• Day 1 is a 1) ladder workout followed by 2) agility drills, done with a pod or before practice. These drills require a disc and are ideally done with teammates or a partner.

  •  Day 2 is acceleration and conditioning to do on your own.

    IMPORTANT: When doing workouts together, always do agility ladder first, followed by agility drills, then speed exercises, then conditioning to preserve fast-twitch muscle tissue.

Agility Ladder Drills


  • Do a full warm-up with a dynamic portion and simple ladder exercises.

  • Complete each exercise once all the way through the ladder and jog back to starting position; switch starting legs each rep (e.g. start with right foot, turn right, then turn left when starting with left foot).

  • Always start slowly to learn proper technique, then increase speed as skill increases..

  • Use quick, purposeful steps, putting force into the ground and minimizing ground contact time. Keep the chest over or slightly ahead of the feet at all times.

  • For a challenge try looking up instead of at your feet, or go backwards instead of forwards.

Complete x 4 reps of each exercise, alternating starting legs; rest in x 10-30’’ between reps, or complete drills in groups of 3 or 4. 

For ‘with Disc’, set up 2 cones ~5-10 yards to the right and left of the ladder at a diagonal. Have the next person stand about ~20 yards from the end of the ladder. As the person reaches the end of the ladder, the partner throws the disc to one cone or the other. *NOTE: The thrower must be ready and facing the direction of the cone you want to throw to. Release the disc as they look up to give them a chance to react.

Zigzag Crossover Shuffle.jpg

Zig-Zag Crossover Shuffle with Disc

  • Start in a two-point stance facing the ladder, with both feet to the left of the first square.

  • ·Perform a crossover step with the left foot in front of the right foot to the first square.

  • Bring the right leg behind the left leg to the right side of the second square, and bring the left foot to meet the right foot (both feet outside the square).

  • Crossover with the right leg in front of the left to inside the second square.

  • Bring the left leg behind the right leg to the left side of the third square and bring the right foot to meet it outside the square.

  • Continue with crossover pattern down the ladder.

Snake Jumps.jpg

180-Degree Turn Jumps with Disc

  • Hop with both feet through the agility ladder as if in the snake jump drill, but jump only 180 degrees each jump (only on the inside rungs of the ladder).

  • Keep the chest facing forward but turning the hips all way each rung to turn 180 degrees (i.e. do not jump on the side rungs in picture)

Ladder Speed Run.jpg

Quick Feet with Disc

  • Start facing an agility ladder forwards.

  • Run through the ladder, touching BOTH feet in each rung, moving the feet as quickly as possible without touching the ladder.

  • Emphasize lifting the knee high and quick ground contacts.

  • Use proper arm motion and upright posture.

  • For a challenge, look up instead of down at the feet, or catch a disc from a partner running beside you as you progress down the ladder.

Agility Drills


  • Complete workouts after a general & dynamic warm-up.

  • Set up cones for each drill.

  • Complete sets and reps as indicated, staying low during transitions.

  • For 'with Disc', have a partner stand about ~15 yards back from the end of the drill, and toss the disc to your partner during the drill as instructed.

  • Rest x ~3-5’ (minutes) between sets.

 *Set up a box of cones 10 yards apart, cones labeled clockwise 1-4 starting on the bottom left  ·  x 3 reps each direction   · Work x 12’’: Rest x 45’’  Extra 45’’ rest after 3

*Set up a box of cones 10 yards apart, cones labeled clockwise 1-4 starting on the bottom left

· x 3 reps each direction

· Work x 12’’: Rest x 45’’

Extra 45’’ rest after 3

Drill #1: X-Pattern Multi-skill with Disc

  1. Start at cone #1 (bottom left) and sprint forward 10 yards to the cone #2

  2. Plant with the outside foot AT (before) the cone and sprint diagonally to cone #4

  3. Plant AT (before) the cone on the outside foot, and backpedal to cone #3

  4. Plant the outside foot AFTER the cone (go AROUND the cone) with a definitive drop step, and sprint forward across the square diagonally to the starting cone – END

 *Set up cones at 0, 5, 10, and 15 yards along a straight line.  x 3 reps each side  Work x 10’’; Rest x 40’’

*Set up cones at 0, 5, 10, and 15 yards along a straight line.

x 3 reps each side

Work x 10’’; Rest x 40’’

Drill #2: 60-Yard Line Sprints with Disc

  1. Start at the first cone, sprint x 5 yards and back (10 yards)

  2. Sprint x 10 yards and back (20 yards)

  3. Sprint x 15 yards and back (30 yards)

=60 yards

*Make sharp cuts with the feet shoulder width apart, hips turned perpendicular to the line, and a slight shin angle

*Plant off the outside foot AT the line, and drive the knee up to put more force into the ground and accelerate out of each cut.

*Decelerate as hard as you accelerated to change directions. Keep the chest over the feet during turns, and turn 180 degrees in 1 step.



  • For Starts:

    o   Perform these drills over a 10-20 yard distance, jog back

    o   Rest as indicated, then repeat drill

    o   Do drills in order, sets and reps as indicated (1 set = x 3 reps of each type of start)

    o   Rest ~2-3 minutes between sets

  • For Conditioning workouts, set out cones at stated distances.

    o   Complete shuttles down and back for the number of reps indicated.

    o   Keep good posture while running, drive knees up, and regulate breathing through the abdomen.

    o   If necessary, complete on a bike, rower, elliptical, swim, etc.


Acceleration Workout

Set #1: Falling Starts

o   Complete a falling start, accelerate x 5-10 steps, 3-step stop at 20 yards, jog back

o   x 6 total starts

o   Rest x 10-30’’ between reps

o   Extra 60’’ rest after 3

Set #2: Moye Starts (hands on the ground)

o   Moye Start, 4-point, accelerate x 5-10 steps, 3-step stop at 20 yards, jog back

o   x 3 reps total

o   Rest ~10-30’’ between reps

o   Moye Start, 3-point

o   x 3 reps total

o   Rest x ~10-30’’ between reps

o   = 1 Set

o   Rest x 2-3’ between sets

x 2 sets total (12 total starts) 



*Set up cones at 0, and 25 yards; Rest x 2-3’ (minutes) between sets.

Set #1:

·         Sprint out and back x 25 yards x 3 (150-yard shuttle) in ~30 seconds = 1 Rep

·         Rest x 30’’

·         x 3 Reps = 1 Set

·         Rest x 2-3’

x 3 Sets total; Extra 60’’ rest after 3


Suggested Times, 150-yard shuttle (for conditioning and speed endurance, not absolute speed):

  • Excellent – 28 seconds or less

  • Great – 30 seconds or less

  • Good – 32 seconds or less

  • Standard – 35 seconds or less


Falling Starts

  • Stand with feet together and fall forward until your balance is lost.

  • At this point, accelerate at full speed to catch yourself

  • Run to distance indicated

Moye Start

  • Hold a ‘pike’ position at the hips (hips above the head), with the knees slightly bent, with both hands under the shoulders on the knuckles

  • Begin a sprint for 20-30 yards in a crouched position

  • Begin to lean forward and ‘explode’ when the shoulders go beyond the hands

  • Run for 20-30 yards

  • For a 4-point start, use both hands

  • For a 3-point start, use the opposite hand of the forward leg for balance