• Day 1 is a 1) ladder workout followed by 2) 2-3 agility drills, typically done with the team or pod or before a practice. 
  • When doing workouts together, always do agility ladder first, followed by agility drills, then speed exercises, and conditioning last to preserve fast-twitch muscle tissue.

Agility Ladder Drills


  • Do a full warm-up with a dynamic portion and simple ladder exercises.
  • Complete each exercise once all the way through the ladder and jog back to starting position; switch starting legs each rep (e.g. start with right foot, turn right, then turn left when starting with left foot).
  • Always start slowly to learn proper technique, then increase to maximal speed after mastering motions.
  • Use quick, purposeful steps, putting force into the ground and minimizing ground contact time. Keep the chest over or slightly ahead of the feet at all times.
  • For a challenge try looking up instead of at your feet, or go backwards instead of forwards.

Complete x 4 reps of each exercise, alternating starting legs; rest in x 10-30’’ between reps, or complete drills in groups of 3 or 4. For ‘with Reaction’, place cones out 45 degress ~10 yards to the left and ~10 yards to the right. Have a partner stand ~15 yards past the ladder and throw the disc to the person coming out of the ladder to the left cone or right cone as they look up.

Zigzag Crossover Shuffle.jpg

In-Out Shuffle (Lateral) with Reaction

  • Start facing sideways to an agility ladder (e.g. the ladder is on your left or right).
  • Step with the leading foot, one at a time into the first rung, then step OUTSIDE the next rung with both feet, one at a time.
  • Continue alternating inside the rung/outside the rung, touching both feet inside out outside each rung with both feet.

PRO TIP: Use the arms held by the sides at 90 degrees to balance and help put force into the ground.  Arms should move with the legs as in running.


Icky Shuffle with Reaction

  • Start on the left side of the ladder facing forward
  • Step laterally with the right foot into the first square, then place the left foot inside the first square
  • Step laterally again with the right foot to the outside of the ladder, then advance the left foot into the next square of the ladder
  • Bring the right foot inside the square with the left foot, then step laterally with the left foot to the left side (outside) of the ladder
  • Step laterally with the right foot to the next square, bringing the left foot to meet it inside the square, then step with the right foot to the outside of the next square, etc.

One-leg Hop with Reaction

  • Hop through the agility ladder with one foot in every square.
  • Stay on the ball of the foot looking straight ahead, and emphasize minimizing ground contact.

Agility Drills


  • Complete workouts after a general & dynamic warm-up.
  • Set up cones for each drill.
  • Complete sets and reps as indicated, staying low during transitions.
  • Rest x ~3-5’ (minutes) between sets.
*Set up cones in a ‘V’ shape, with 2 cones 5, 10, or 15 yards from an apex cone (at a 90 degree angle)

*Set up cones in a ‘V’ shape, with 2 cones 5, 10, or 15 yards from an apex cone (at a 90 degree angle)

Drill #1: V-Drill with Disc

  1. Start at the middle cone and sprint to the left cone
  2. Plant the outside foot AT (before) the cone and backpedal back to the starting cone
  3. At the starting cone plant the outside foot and immediately sprint to the right cone, then backpedal back to the apex = 1 rep
  4. Catch the disc after sprinting forward each time.
  5. Change to 10 yards and repeat sets and reps as indicated

@5 yards - Work x 6'': Rest x 30’’

@10 – Work x 8’’; Rest x 35’’

*Set up cones at 0, 5, and 10 yards  Work x 12’’; Rest x 45’’

*Set up cones at 0, 5, and 10 yards

Work x 12’’; Rest x 45’’

Drill #2: 60-yard Line Sprints with Disc

  1. Sprint x 5 yards and back
  2. Sprint x 10 yards and back
  3. Sprint x 15 yards and back
  4. Catch a disc from a partner coming back toward the starting line every turn.



  • Set out cones at the distances indicated, with a designated starting line.
  • Sprint the distance all the way through the line and come to a complete stop.
  • Sprint the first interval (e.g. 60 yards in ~10 seconds), then rest 50’’, repeat, then sprint x 2 reps of 80s, etc. The goal is to feel as fast on the last sprint as the first.
  • Keep good posture while running, drive knees and accelerate through the end.
  • Rest as instructed, regulate breathing and focus on recovery.
  • Wear cleats if possible, and do a general and specific warm-up if not already warm from another workout.
  • If necessary, intervals of equal intensity and time may also be done on a bike, rower, elliptical, swimming, running, or any other approved cardiovascular activity.



*Set up cones at 0, 25, and 40 yards.

  • Sprint out and back x 25 yards x 3 in ~30-35 seconds (150-yard shuttle)
  • Rest x 30’’
  • x 3 sets
  • 3-minute break
  • Sprint out and back x 40 yards x 3 in ~60 seconds
  • x 2 sets